Lakson Investment Private Equity

Fund Overview

  • Lakson Private Equity Fund (“LPEF”) provides growth capital to developing businesses with a discernible competitive advantage, strong management and credible stakeholders seeking to grow their enterprises
  • Invest in influential minority and control stakes in unlisted local businesses and in publicly listed turnaround opportunities
  • Investments can be made via a direct cash equity or a structured equity instrument e.g. preferred equity, convertible etc.
  • 2 to 5 portfolio investments with initial investment sizes between 10% (minimum) to 50% (maximum of NAV)
  • 5-year Investment period, 2-year Distribution period with a target IRR of 25% over the Fund’s life

Investment Team

  • Senior and experienced investment professionals with 27+ years of combined experience and a transaction track record of USD 2 bn+; supported by a seasoned equity research team of analysts with 20+ years of experience analysing companies
  • Unparalleled international and local transaction expertise having worked at Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and Abraaj
  • Notable transaction experience includes investments locally in K-Electric and Byco and internationally in mid-market companies
  • Lakson Investments is one of the largest and most experienced local investment firms with 50+ experienced professionals

Our Edge: Differentiated Approach

  • Value creation and maximising future equity valuation is at the core of our investment philosophy
  • Focus on investment catalysts such as the implementation of a business strategy, operational improvements, international partnerships, financial structuring and accretive acquisitions
  • Lakson has an unblemished track record in creating value through business partnerships and JVs e.g. Philip Morris, Colgate
  • Employ a collaborative and long-term partnership approach with businesses to replicate the Lakson Group technique and enable portfolio companies to unlock growth, scale and become future leaders

Private Equity Opportunity in Pakistan

  • Pakistan is entering a high growth phase of the investment cycle; economic expansion, political stability and high GDP growth will improve FDI, employment and investor confidence, leading to reduced risk premiums and multiples expansion
  • As a result, companies and family sponsor groups are looking to monetize higher valuations from their businesses by (i) scaling-up and growing their businesses, (ii) listings, or (iii) business expansion through horizontal or vertical integration
  • A significant opportunity exists to provide development capital to help businesses execute their growth plans

Investment Committee

Experiences and Seasoned Team

  • Private equity team has 27+ years and $2bn+ of deal history having worked at Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and Abraaj
  • Leverage international and domestic experience, investment and portfolio management discipline to successfully execute locally
  • Adopt a systematic investment process to continuously ensure a quantitative and qualitative analysis of all factors surrounding a transaction pre and post investment
  • Use transaction structuring and portfolio management guidelines to better manage investment and portfolio risks
  • Monetise long-standing local relationships to “Channel Check”

Strength: Lakson Investments and the Group

  • Lakson Investments platform is built on the philosophy of “we manage your money, as we manage our own”
  • Over PKR 30 billion in discretionary assets with one of the most experienced local investment teams – 50+ professionals
  • Benefit from their preferred relationships with corporates, brokers, banks and lawyers for a broad range of access
  • Leverage the Lakson Group for insight into industries,  businesses and access to a network of families and deals
  • Utilize the group’s track record in corporate strategy and business methods to create value  for portfolio companies

Differentiated Investment Strategy

  • Enable companies to unlock growth, scale and create value in the next phase of the investment cycle
  • Collaborative approach with sponsors and a strong preference to invest and partner with like-minded groups who look to an IPO as a business transformation process
  • Flexibility in the strategy to invest across multiple types of opportunities and themes in both minority and control structures
  • Focus on fundamentally strong businesses with high calibremanagement that can benefit from our value addition
  • Value creation via catalysts – implement business strategy, operational and technological improvements, international and local partnerships, financial structuring, accretive acquisitions

Our Vision: A family Office Approach

  • Family office style, long-term partnership approach to private equity investing with co-investment opportunities
  • Find and invest in the most successful firms and management of the future that will adapt to new realities and reinvent themselves as times change
  • Work with “like-minded” sponsor groups to help build and create the next generation of winners
  • Partner with second generation owners so they can successfully multiply the platform they have inherited
  • Adhere to our business principles on the reputational risk the entire group will shoulder if we do not manage to perform at the highest level or put the interests of our investors first


All investments in Mutual Funds are subject to market risks. The NAV of units may go up or down based on the market conditions. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. The investors are advised in their own interest to carefully read the Offering Document in particular the investment policies in Clause 2.2 and risk disclosures and warning statements in contained in Clause 2.11 and part 11 in the respective Offering Documents.