Lakson: Environmental, social and governance policy


It is our belief thatSustainability” in the corporate world should  mean more than just listing goals or creating guidelines  but actually taking action oneself, and urging others by example to keep the global environment sustainable from an environmental and social perspective. Corporations have a responsibility to dictate policy and, by example, initiate real change as their customers become educated and realize that they are the solution and no one else. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) encapsulates this shared vision and Corporations can play a positive role with respect to driving these specific goals such as combating climate change, responsible consumption & production and sustained inclusive economic growth.

Asset Managers have a dual role regarding focusing on the sustainability commitment to the environment, society and governance (“ESG”).  Firstly they themselves can encompass ESG in their workplace but more importantly they can encourage the companies that they invest in to adopt specific ESG guidelines. The goal is to work towards an improvement of environmental and social issues by leading by example and possible divestment if recommended ESG policies are not implemented.

Through this Sustainability Policy, Lakson Investments (LI) aims to advance a greener and more inclusive economy and to improve the transparency and accountability of LI’s actions and decision-making. We also believe that encouraging the adherence of this policy in the firms that LI invests in makes good business sense as it protects our assets and helps to identify new business opportunities and improves the overall value of LI’s investments.

Sustainability Report 2018