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Wealth Planning: The Key to Financial Success

In life, we pass through several phases, each with different financial requirements. The financial needs of a single 25 year old person are not the same as those of a retired couple. An investor’s risk tolerance varies according to age, income requirements, financial goals, etc.

  • For example, a 70-year-old retired widow will generally have a lower risk tolerance than a young
  • Your investment time horizon is the number of years until you need to use the money you’ve saved. The
  • If you have a shorter time frame, you may want to limit your exposure to higher risk investments. This is why continuous, long-term planning is essential. Typically, there are five basic financial phases most people go through in life. They are:

The most important step towards effective financial planning is making sure you are taking the appropriate risk based on your age. It’s never too late to consider changing your financial plan so that it constantly adapts to your risk tolerance and investment horizon.

The investment professionals at Lakson Investments have studied plans, accumulated data, and implemented internationally recognized analysis tools, and resources in designing and building a user friendly web based application.